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Chairperson's Remarks

Mr. Dion Chen
(Ying Wa College)

Based on their founding principles, DSS schools have made the most of their autonomy and flexibility in curriculum development, medium of instruction, teacher employment, facilities management, student admissions and financial management, to develop unique school curricula and operating systems. With a total of 71 schools (including secondary schools, primary schools and through-train schools), DSS schools only represent 7% of the educational institutions in the publicly funded sector, but they have added significant vibrancy and quality, providing parents with an excellent range of alternative choices to more traditional education. These factors, combined with many others including unique management models, diverse curricula, fee remission schemes and scholarships, are the primary reasons why parents prefer to choose DSS schools for their children’s education. As demand for places in DSS schools across Hong Kong continues to grow, it is evident that the establishment of the Direct Subsidy Scheme has been very successful.

Since 1999, the DSS Schools Council has had 10 executive committees, with each committee serving for a period of two years. With contributions from past chairpersons and committee members, our council has successfully achieved its mission and enhanced communication, cooperation and collaboration among member schools. I sincerely hope that the 11th committee will continue to carry the torch and act as a bridge between the government and DSS schools to further develop the DSS system, provide high quality educational choices and implement educational policies which will ensure a brighter future for our students.